How well do you know your car insurance policy? Have you read the fine print, and do you fully understand what you are and aren’t entitled to claim?

And most importantly for today’s topic, do you know whether calls to your auto locksmith in Melbourne will be covered?

Losing or breaking your car keys is stressful enough already. You shouldn’t have to add an expensive bill to that list!

So, will your insurance cover locksmith callouts?

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The answer: it depends!

It sounds like a cop-out, we know. Unfortunately, that’s the best answer we’re able to offer!

That’s because each insurance policy is different. While one policy might cover emergency auto locksmith services,
others may not – it all depends on what’s written in your contract.

As a general rule however, cheaper insurance policies tend to skimp on additional services, and in many cases, car locksmith services fall into that category.
As a result, it’s usually just the premium insurance policies that cover calls to your auto locksmith.


It might not be worth claiming, even if your policy does cover car locksmith services!

So you’ve read through your policy again and you’ve noticed that auto locksmith callouts are covered. Phew, that’s a relief! Now you can afford to get
key, lock and ignition problems fixed without paying up… right/

Unfortunately, it isn’t that simple!

The last time we talked about insurance, we mentioned how
in some cases, it simply isn’t worth it to make a claim for locksmith services.

The reason is simple: excess fees.

Many insurance policies have excess fees which can put serious dents in your wallet. When it comes to car locksmith services, they can often equal or in
many cases, exceed the cost of an auto locksmith service.

As a general guide, most car insurance excesses tend to sit around the $500 mark, give or take $100 either way, with under-25s having to pay up to $1,200
in excess fees.

Unfortunately, most jobs you’ll call an auto locksmith in Melbourne for typically fall under that number – one of the only instances where our commitment
to giving you the best possible price could backfire on you!

As a result, making a claim to your insurance provider often does nothing except introduce a bunch of extra paperwork and give you a major headache!

Obviously, this will vary depending on the details of your policy, as well as the type of work you need done – while we can’t tell you what the best decision
is in every scenario, it’s something to chew on.


What if my keys have been stolen?

So far, we’ve been focused on the more “routine” car key emergencies. But what about cases where your car keys are stolen?

There’s good news: in addition to cutting a replacement, your automotive
locksmith can also rekey the ignition chamber and render your stolen keys useless, just in case.

What’s more, many policies that cover locksmith services will waive the excess fee.

However, there’s a catch – actually, there are two!

Firstly, you’ll have to prove that the keys were stolen first.

Can’t get evidence? Don’t have the time to file a police report? Sorry, you’re out of luck.

And secondly, you’ll also have to prove that you weren’t negligent into letting your keys get stolen in the first place.

It’s a pain, we know!


We work with insurance companies

It isn’t all doom and gloom – some insurance policies are actually quite generous, and will cover calls to an auto locksmith in Melbourne, no questions

Many car insurance policies go even further, offering their own roadside assist services included – one of which is emergency auto locksmith services.

Is your policy one of these unicorns? If so, you might see a familiar-looking van turn up when you call your roadside assist service for help with your
car keys – especially if you’re with RACV or Allianz!

Galmier Locksmiths is a service provider for both RACV and Allianz roadside assistance services, providing customers with comprehensive auto locksmith
services in Melbourne.

That’s because while many roadside assist services technicians will be able to unlock a door (a huge help in the event of a lockout), they can’t really
do much else for you in the realm of car keys and locks!

Just think about the size of your typical roadside assist vehicle. Now consider that they also have to carry spare tyres, jumpstarters, jerry cans of petrol
and more for other common roadside emergencies.

This leaves precious little room for auto locksmith equipment.

By contrast, a car locksmith in Melbourne travels around in a fully-equipped mobile workshop, complete with all the tools of the locksmith trade:

  • Key-cutters
  • Programming computers
  • Transponder machines
  • Key blanks and remotes

This, combined with our specialised auto locksmith training,
is what allows us to solve such a wide range of key, ignition and lock problems for you, and why we’re the auto locksmith of choice for so many insurance

car key repolacement

Need an auto locksmith in Melbourne?

So you’re worried that calling an auto locksmith will put a serious dent in your wallet – why else would you be researching whether or not insurance covers
auto locksmith callouts?

Don’t worry, it isn’t all bad news!

We here at Galmier Locksmiths understand that you’re already under a lot of stress. The last thing we want to do is make that even worse by charging you
an unfair charge for our services.

We make it our mission to be the most affordable car locksmith in Melbourne.

Unlike others, we provide an honest, upfront quote. We also keep you updated and provide options (if possible), throughout the job.

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne can look after all your car key, lock and ignition problems, including:

These are just some of the problems our experienced and skilled automotive locksmiths fix.

Stranded? Need to get home?

Give us a call today on 0407 022 234, or bookmark our number – you never know when you might need it!