“You don’t need a key for this lock.”


Yes, you heard it right. Now you can lock and unlock your home without a key!

If you’re wondering how this could be, well, let Galmier Locksmiths give you a rundown of the latest in residential door lock technology.

It’s time to say goodbye to misplaced house keys today!

Yale digital door lock

Digital locks are in

Over the years, as more attention is given to security and safety, the lock industry has evolved exponentially. It now provides more sophisticated security
devices to meet this new demand and to keep up with growing technologies.

While our bread and butter is still traditional locks and keys that can secure our homes and businesses, there has also been significant headway made in
digital lock technology.

When we first think of digital locks, most of us probably think of Hollywood-style retina scanners or fingertip readers – the stuff of science fiction,
only available to the big banks or million dollar mansions.

The good news is that over the years, the technology has become more accessible and as a result more affordable, to the point where digital locks are now
within anyone’s reach – think of your own Samsung or Apple device – these phones have been equipped with fingerprint technology for almost four years

In fact, you can probably thank your smartphone for making digital lock technology as affordable as it is now!



Yale Assure Digital Lock

Yale is one of the biggest names in locks worldwide, with the modern pin tumbler lock (aka the Yale lock) being its gift to the world. So next time you look at your house lock with its flat side and jagged tooth edges, you can thank
this company!

Of course, its proud history doesn’t mean that Yale is resting on its laurels – Yale’s Assure Digital Lock is one of the latest smart lock products to
emerge in the market.

How does it work?

Using The Assure Digital lock is easy. In fact, all you need are two things: your smartphone and the Yale Assure App.

The Yale Assure App allows you to create customised virtual “keys” – up to twelve at once – as well as keep tabs on who’s been going in and out of your

When you open the app, you will see a virtual keyring which you can easily swipe through. It features colors and attached photos to pair them to locations
or people.

Here’s how it works:

  • Make sure your smartphone’s bluetooth is on
  • Open the Yale Assure app
  • Use “Twist and Go” function
  • Twist smartphone – like you’re opening a lock (turn it 90 degrees)
  • Make sure it’s well within Bluetooth range
  • Voila – you’re in!

The “Twist and Go” is a great feature that protects you and your family from unintended unlocking. They’ve thought of everything!

The Assure App also has an automatic re-lock function. When the latch is retracted, the lock will automatically lock after a specified period of time.

And what if you don’t have your phone with you? Fortunately, the Assure Digital lock has a backlit touch screen keypad that allows users to enter your
unique 4-8 PIN code to unlock the door.

Is it safe and secure?

It’s natural to be apprehensive when it comes to entrusting your safety to something intangible like a smartphone app – especially with stories of companies,
schools and hospitals being hacked still fresh in our minds.

“If targets this big being taken down by hackers, what hope does my electronic house lock stand?”

No lock is 100% foolproof, and the Yale Digital lock and Assure App is no exception. We strongly recommend treating the Yale Digital lock like any other
lock: only give keys to people you trust.

Remember, your home’s security is on the line here so you have to make sure you run a tight ship!

That said, digital locks such as the Yale Digital lock come with their own unique advantages that we at Galmier Locksmiths believe make digital locks worth the asking price.

Firstly, the Yale Digital lock is no pushover just because its electronic – built to withstand the elements, you don’t need to worry about installing the
Yale Assure Lock on your front door. And with no physical cylinder, the traditional lock picking methods are completely ineffective!

Digital locks also give you much more power to manage users and their entry privileges. In fact, not only can set different keys to different users, but
you can also create unique access schedules for individual keys.


Are you thinking of getting digital locks for your home in Melbourne?

Let Galmier Locksmiths help you!

Digital locks are an exciting development in the security field. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise us if one day we start installing more of these than physical

If you like staying at the forefront of technology and are excited by how digital and electronic locks can keep your home safe 24/7, talk to Galmier Locksmiths
today about installing a Yale Assure digital lock.

We can even integrate it with your home’s automation and alarm systems!

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