Lost, broken and stolen – if you’ve ever encountered one of these car key emergencies, you’ll know how tough they can be.

“Worse,” you think, “I won’t even be able to call an auto locksmith, since I don’t have a copy of the original for them to work with!”

There’s no denying that car key emergencies can be tough. What you may not have known however is that we auto locksmiths DON’T NEED the original to cut
a copy!

Thanks to our skilled and experienced auto locksmiths in Melbourne, you
can now get a spare car key wherever you are, even if the original has vanished.

Here’s why the assumption that we can’t is wrong…

car key cutting machine

Cutting keys to code

Many believe that to cut a replacement key, we need a copy of the original to work off of.

This couldn’t be less true!

Each groove and cut in a key is assigned a unique identifier. When strung together, you get a unique code that reflects your car key.

Using this code, we can cut a replacement without ever having to set eyes on the original!

All you need is proof of ownership and your vehicle identification number (VIN) – don’t worry, we can help find the second for you if need be.

Once we have both, we can generate your vehicle’s specific key code and cut a replacement key.

While we’re there, we’ll also uncover your car’s unique transponder code as well, and program transponder keys for vehicles that have them (which is almost
all nowadays).

If you’re worried about losing your keys, we suggest saving the number of a Melbourne auto locksmith – there’s no guarantee the key-cutter kiosk at the
local shopping centre will be able to provide this type of specialised service!

Click here to learn more about the process.

The Galmier difference: why choose our Melbourne auto locksmiths?

While there are many auto locksmiths in Melbourne, if you live in the south-east, Galmier is the one you’ll want to call.

And there are several very good reasons for that…

Best-in-class customer service

Anyone can claim to offer great customer service – however, very few can prove it like we can!

Our team are 8-time winners of the WOMO Customer Service Award.

In fact, we’re one of only three locksmiths to make the cut in all of Victoria (if you don’t believe us, take a quick flip through the 2019 winners!)

With Galmier, you can be confident that you’re being treated with the respect and dignity you deserve, and that your vehicle is being looked after by someone
who cares.

We come to you

Don’t have car keys? Bad news: you’re stuck.

One good thing about a mobile auto locksmith is that they can get to you
wherever you are stuck. Our mobile team of locksmiths cuts keys for you on the spot, allowing you to get back on the road fast and easy.

And best of all, we offer emergency auto locksmith services that allow
us to help you out-of-hours too. During Christmas in particular, we’ll be working throughout the break, with the exception of Christmas Day, Boxing
Day and NYE.

Honest, upfront pricing

Emergency auto locksmiths don’t have the greatest reputation. An especially common scam is to “discover” other “hidden problems” while assessing the situation, resulting in what should be a simple job ballooning out of control.

In some cases, they might even try to do extra damage to justify their work!

Luckily, our Melbourne auto locksmiths do no such thing.

Each of our jobs is quoted upfront. We stick to this original price, even if we misquote.

While it may hurt our wallets a little bit, it protects yours!

car keys auto locksmith

We cuts replacement keys for all types of car brands

With years of experience under our belts, our car locksmiths in Melbourne have cut keys for just about every type of vehicle on Melbourne’s roads.

No spare key? No problem! Let our Melbourne auto locksmiths look after you

So you can’t find your keys at all, or they’re worn to the point of being totally unusable.

It’s times like these you need an auto locksmith.

Specifically, you need Galmier Locksmiths!

In addition to cutting replacement keys (sans original), our team of Bayside auto locksmith provides you with other car key replacement services such as:

  • Cutting car keys on the spot
  • Re-programming of transponder keys
  • Freeing up of worn locks
  • Replacement of keyless fobs
  • Replacement of broken locks

We’ll come to you no matter where you are in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. If you want your car key cut or replaced, or your locks replaced asap, contact
us immediately!

Contact us on 0407 022 234 or fill in the form to get in
touch with us regarding your car key requirements.