Keep losing your keys? Always locking yourself out? Have trouble finding your keys? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us – no one is immune from the
occasional “mental hiccup” (especially when we skip our morning coffee!) Every once-and-a-while is no real cause for concern. If losing, misplacing
or locking inside your car keys is a regular occurrence however, then you might want to start worrying. Galmier’s car locksmith in Melbourne helps
stranded drivers everyday. But if you find yourself misplacing your keys all too often, you might want to keep on reading and see how you can implement
any of the below into your daily routine! Stuck? Lost your only car key? Key snapped in the ignition? Call our automotive locksmith today on 0407 022

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1) Find lost car keys using your smartphone

Way back in the stone age – before smartphones and GPS devices! – finding lost keyswas
a matter of retracing your steps to figure out the last place you may have left them. Nowadays though, it’s a lot easier. No need to retrace your steps,
question store attendants, or check lost property bins – in fact, all you’ll need is your trusty phone! Keychain fobs allow you to track your car keys
using your smartphone. The fob puts out a GPS or WiFi signal – using the app on your phone, you can follow the pings to find your phone or see where
it is on a map. All of this makes finding lost keys a breeze nowadays. Those young’uns don’t know how good they have it! Need more tips? Click here for 4 more clever waysyou can stop losing your car keys.

2) Consider disabling automatic locking

Cars today are packed with conveniences almost unheard of even a handful of years ago. Keyless ignition, remote unlocking, transponder keys
the list goes on and on. One convenience your mightn’t have even realised you had is automatic locking. In addition to automatically locking your doors
once you start driving, many auto-locking systems will also lock your car after a certain period of inactivity. It’s a nifty little feature – however,the
problem is that there are many cases where we have to drop everything to attend to something else urgently. For example, say you’ve left something
inside the office or you’ve stopped to chat to a coworker in the parking lot. You finish up, and turn back, only to find that your auto-locking system
has gone ahead and shut you out… with your car keys still inside! It’s no surprise that this feature is the culprit behind many of the lockouts
we get called to. Luckily, most cars with this feature will allow you to disable it. Be warned – the specific procedure differs depending on what vehicle
you drive. To find out how to disable your auto-lock, check the owner’s manual, ring up your dealership or consult Doctor Google to find out how to
do so.

3) Keep your keys and car door remote separate

While we’re on the topic of missing car keys, here’s another tip: keep your car keys and remote separate. Instead of putting both on the same keychain,
consider keeping them separate. That way, in the event that you accidentally lock one of them inside, you’ll have another way of unlocking your car
and getting to them. Worried about losing one of them now that they’re separate? Don’t be – you can attach them to two separate items that you’ll never
forget to minimise the chances of one of them getting loose. For example, your phone or wallet are great candidates.

4) Get creative

If you ask us, human beings are pretty darn creative and inventive. We’d have to be to get to where we are today! Over the years, we’ve also heard some
clever and creative tricks that motorists use to keep tabs on their car keys. One is to make your keys glow-in-the-dark or creating glowing key fobs.
Use glow-in-the-dark paint or stickers to ensure your car keys are impossible to lose on a dark night or in a bag that transforms into a black hole!

car key drama

5) Look up your local automotive locksmith

“Make something idiot-proof, and they will build a better idiot.” – Unknown Now just to be clear, we aren’t accusing you of being stupid. However, even
the smartest person can make the occasional silly mistake! While each of these hacks can be useful in avoiding car key drama, they aren’t 100% foolproof.
Despite your best efforts, you might still end up losing your car keys or locking yourself out. And when things fall through, you need a back-up plan
– one that’ll come through every single time, without fail… Your local automotive locksmith offers a speedy response to your car key emergencies.
Amobile locksmith service comes to you whenever and wherever you run
into trouble. Our vans are fully-equipped with all the essential locksmithing equipment – this allows us to offer on-the-spot fixes, no matter what
your problem is. As such, we seriously recommend saving at least one locksmith in your phone!

Need a car locksmith in Melbourne?

When it comes to choosing an auto locksmith, it’s important that you choose one that’s based around your neck of
the woods. There are many reasons for this – in particular, it means they can get to you with minimal downtime and start work immediately. After all, you
don’t want to be stranded for any longer than you absolutely have to! Galmier Locksmiths offers automotive locksmith services all throughout Melbourne’s south-east.
We respond to lockouts, missing keys and requests to cut replacements and spares. We’ll be there to bail you out whenever these tricks fail. We recommend
you save our number, just to be safe – that’s 0407 022 234. Stranded? Give us a call and we’ll help get you moving again!