The typical auto workshop employs a whole host of people:

  • Auto mechanics
  • Technicians
  • Specialists
  • Admin staff
  • Client service reps

One specialist you’ll rarely find on most mechanic’s payroll? A dedicated car locksmith.

Simply put, most auto mechanic workshops like yours don’t deal with key, lock or ignition issues all that often. In many cases, it’s just not economical
to employ a dedicated auto locksmith specialist.

Okay, so you can’t offer these services in-house. That’s fine – provided you contract all your key, lock and ignition issues to an experienced auto locksmith in Melbourne,
that is!

car mechanic auto locksmith

Why outsource?

Simple: most mechanics don’t deal with these types of issues enough to warrant a dedicated staff member just for these problems.

Sure, you could upskill one of your mechanics and train them to unlock doors.

But what about the more specialised jobs? The types that require more specialised training, or essential (and expensive) equipment like key cutting machines?

We get it, mechanics are practical, hands-on types. There’s a strong temptation to try your hand at fixing the issue yourself, or at least keep it in-house.

If you ask us however, it’s just not worth it. What if you accidentally make things worse, and return a car in a worse condition than you received it.

Are you a mechanic looking for an auto locksmith to partner
up with? Luckily, our auto locksmiths in Melbourne can help with that!

Who our car locksmiths help

Mechanics looking for an auto locksmith

As a mechanic, you’re the go-to guy for solving all sorts of problems with a client’s car. While they may not understand the details that go into keeping
a car in tip-top condition, they understand results.

By offering assistance with key, lock and ignition-related issues, our team can help you maintain your reputation as being able to fix everything (don’t
worry, we won’t tell!)

Dealerships looking for an auto locksmith

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne are intimately familiar with many of the common (as well as less-common) car brands you’ll find roaming Melbourne’s streets.
This allows us to work with all sorts of dealerships, from common marques to luxury foreign imports.

Some of the brands we work on include:

Smash repair businesses looking for an auto locksmith

As a panel beater, you often find yourself having to replace damaged locks and getting the existing keys to fit.

Unlike accident-related damage, these issues won’t buff out – this is a job that needs precision, experience and skill.

And that’s why you should leave it to a professional – you take care of the scrapes and dents, and we’ll take care of the locks and ignition chambers!

What kinds of issues can our car locksmiths fix?

Jammed chambers

It isn’t uncommon for debris to work its way into your lock or ignition chamber and make it difficult to turn your keys.

Your first thought is probably to spray it with an aerosol lubricant you have lying around in the workshop and to attempt to dislodge the jam that way.

Here’s something you may not have known, however: certain lubricants can actually make the problem worse by attracting debris and dust, or by drying out
into a nasty, gel-like substance.

In addition to specialised lubricants, our car locksmiths can also disassemble affected locks and ignitions, removing blockages and without accidentally
putting the whole thing back together incorrectly.

auto locksmith for car mechanic melbourne

Broken, damaged or worn locks and ignition chambers

Over time, a car’s engine wears out, necessitating ongoing repairs and servicing.

Its locks and ignition chambers are no different. The internals of a lock or ignition chamber can also wear out with age, affecting the fit between your
lock, ignition and keys.

To fix this involves disassembling the lock or ignition in question and replacing the affected pins and tumblers with new ones that fit the existing keys.

Can’t do it yourself? That’s what our car locksmiths are here for!


Say you run a smash repairs business, and you’ve received a job that involves replacing the driver’s side door, or the boot.

In some cases, the locks in the existing door or boot are unsalvageable, necessitating complete replacement.

These fresh locks are essentially blank slates – the pins and tumblers inside haven’t been cut, and won’t fit the owner’s keys.

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne don’t just unlock doors and cut keys – we can also key car locks and ignitions, cutting the pins and tumblers inside to fit the owner’s key. Once we’re done, they won’t even realise that
their lock or ignition is completely new.

Broken keys

Accidents happen. Sometimes, they involve car keys.

Whether a client has turned up with a broken key or a member of your team has accidentally broken the client’s keys, (or lost it!), the end result is the
same: you’ll need to replace it.

Let our car locksmiths take care of that problem for you.

In addition to cutting physical replacement keys, our team will also program remotes and transponders as well. The client won’t lose out on any of the convenience or function they’ve come to expect!

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne help you keep your clients happy

Give your clients the best possible service with our car locksmiths in Melbourne!

Say someone rolls into the shop with a car key, lock or ignition issue on top of a mechanical fault. They’re expecting you to fix all of their problems.

Struggling to solve a key, lock or ignition fault? Get in touch with someone who specialises in fixing these issues!

In addition to helping stranded motorists, our team also assists automotive businesses of all stripes.

If you want to deliver the best service possible, you’ll need an experienced auto locksmith in your corner. Contact us about setting up a relationship, or give us a call on 0407 022 234 whenever you need us urgently!