The day starts just like any other. You get up at 6:45am, and think to yourself that after all these years, getting up early is still a challenge. After a shower, you get dressed and pause only long enough for a quick breakfast.

You’re out the front door by quarter past seven and think to yourself how frosty it is: Come on Melbourne, we’re almost done with winter. Give us a taste of spring! You unlock your car, put your bag inside, and are set to begin the usual 20-minute drive to work.


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As the key enters the ignition, something instantly doesn’t feel quite right. You try to turn the key to start the car but… nothing!

It won’t budge. You apply a bit of pressure to remove the key, but any more, and you’re worried it will snap and you’ll damage the ignition.

There are a few things you can try before you call a car locksmith, but remember, if these fail, don’t hesitate to call professional help. It’s the best chance you have at resolving the issue with no damage to your car or its ignition.

Read on to learn what to do when your car key gets stuck in the ignition.


Don’t panic

First, don’t panic. Easier said than done, though, right? But the truth is we sometimes lose sight of things when we’re flustered, frustrated, or unnerved. (And that can mean not realising your own strength… more on that below, though.)

Check your surrounding for any immediate damage to you, your car, or others, and please, oh please: ensure your car is in park and that the handbrake is on.


See if you can gently wiggle the key out

This is probably your first instinct.

The keyword to remember here, though, is gently. As mentioned above, too much pressure could actually result in your key snapping, so half comes away in your hand and the other half remains stuck in the ignition.


Does your car have a steering lock?

This happened to a friend in a rental car many years ago. The car had a steering lock… but they didn’t know that.

They put the key in the ignition but just couldn’t work out why it wouldn’t turn.

They panicked (apparently ignoring step one, above) and called me – I told them it might just be a steering wheel lock. After a bit of verbal support and instructions, they managed to start the car as usual and they were prepared should it happen again next time. Problem solved!

(To exit a steering wheel lock, you generally need to steer the wheel from side to side, while simultaneously attempting to turn the key in the ignition.)


Get your smartphone and call a car locksmith in Melbourne

If you’ve tried the above and have come to the conclusion that there’s simply no budging that darn key, you’re best off calling a car locksmith who has the knowledge and equipment to remove a key that’s stuck in its ignition.

The best thing about a car locksmith is that they will (obviously) come to you.

And why would you expect anything less? Of course a locksmith needs to come to you: how else will they repair the locks in your home or office without coming to you? And if you’re stuck in the same situation as this one, you know that without the key turning on the car, you’re not going anywhere.

Galmier is a car locksmith in Melbourne predominantly servicing the Bayside region and its surrounds.

key stuck in ignition

Key’s snapped in the ignition?


This is one of the worst situations you can find yourself in. If after all the wiggling and twisting you make the unfortunate move that results in a snapped key, let’s start by saying: I feel your pain. It’s so frustrating.

Fear not: an experienced car locksmith also has the capabilities to remove a broken car key from its ignition without damage. Don’t risk further damage to your car by prodding, poking, and picking apart your ignition trying to remove the broken key. Instead, call a car locksmith. (Read more about car key cut, removal, and replacement here).

What are you waiting for? Call Galmier now: 0407 022 234.

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