You’ve wrapped up another hard day at work and you’re happy to be heading home.

You walk out to where you lecar locksmithft your car, digging out your keys while you walk. You press the remote and pull on the handle.

That’s weird; it’s not opening.

“Maybe the battery’s dead?” you think as you insert the key into the driver-side door and try again.

Nope. No luck there either.

While lockouts and missing keys are the most common problem your automotive locksmith in Melbourne helps out with, they’re not the only ones.

Sometimes, you won’t be able to get in, even if you still have your key on you.

Why does this happen?

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Do keys get worn out?

So, you’re confident that you have the right set of keys. But that doesn’t mean the problem isn’t with your keys!

Worn-out keys are a common problem, especially if you drive an older car. Constantly jamming your keys into the door lock or ignition can wear down the “teeth” in your keys.

That leads to a poor fit between your key and the lock chamber: the teeth of your car key no longer align with the pins in the lock, preventing it from turning.

Fortunately, your auto locksmith is able to cut replacement keys on-the-spot, allowing you to get back on the road sooner. We’ll even program transponder keys so you can successfully start your car again!

If you find yourself struggling with a locked steering wheel or unresponsive locks, your car locksmiths can quickly assess and address the issue.

There’s a problem with your key chamber

Okay, so your keys are fine. But what about the key chamber?

Just like the key itself, a damaged lock chamber can stop your locks from working properly.

A damaged key chamber could be the consequence of a failed break-in.

For example, maybe you left your phone in your car once. That’s the jackpot for thieves – perhaps somebody tried (and failed, thankfully) to pick your car door to get it.

It’s crucial to protect keys from theft, as a missing key can lead to not just inconvenience, but potential security threats. Always be mindful of your valuables, minimising the risk of unauthorised attempts to access your vehicle.

And since the vast majority of cars come with remote unlocking by default, chances are we might never realise until we’re forced to rely on physical keys!

More specifically, this can cause damage to the pins in your lock chamber, so they don’t align with your car key any more.

One of the first things your local automotive locksmith learns is how to unlock car doors. In the vast majority of cases, we’ll be able to unlock your car door, even if it’s damaged.

If time isn’t critical, we can also rekey your car lock altogether. Alternatively, we can schedule a follow-up appointment, fixing your problem for good.

What is a deadlocked car door?

Many modern cars come with deadlock systems. These locks provide an extra layer of security for your car by allowing unlocking only through the rotation of a lock cylinder.

These exist to make entering your car harder for criminals. Instead of smashing the window and unlocking your car by pulling the tab or knob, they’ll trigger an alarm instead!

One specific type of deadlock is the child safety lock. This type of deadlock prevents doors being opened from the inside. These types of locks are commonly installed on rear doors only.

In some car models, doors with deadlocks require you to turn the key a bit further than you normally would. Many car owners don’t know this – perhaps their dealership forgot to mention it, or they missed it in their owner’s manual.

And with how rarely many of us use physical keys nowadays, it’s not completely unreasonable that you’d never realise this.

If your car lock isn’t letting you in, give this a shot – who knows, it might work!

How do you open a deadlocked car door?

The latch is stuck

Sometimes, the cause of the problem isn’t your key. Rather, it could be with your door.

Door latches can get stuck – rusty or bent components can often result in a door that doesn’t open.

Short-term, you can get around this by trying one of your car’s other doors. While it’s a bit of an inconvenience, it works as a temporary solution.

However, for a more long-term fix, call for the best mobile car locksmith.

Get help from an auto locksmith in Bayside

If your car door isn’t letting you in, you may be suffering from one of these problems.

Fortunately, automotive locksmith in Melbourne can help you fix your lock problems and get back on the road sooner!

Galmier Locksmiths is a Bayside auto locksmith that specialises in getting stranded motorists back on the road.

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