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Most people aren’t gearheads themselves. So when they run into problems with their car big or small, chances are their first port of call is their dealership or mechanic.

If you’re reading this and you’re a mechanic, we’re talking to you!

While you might have the tools and parts to fix problems with a car’s engine and hydraulics in-house, there are certain services most dealerships and mechanics
don’t offer in-house.

Auto locksmith services are one common example.

Most dealerships and mechanics don’t deal with car key-related problems often enough to justify hiring their own in-house locksmith.

That’s why it’s important that you have a commercial auto locksmith in Melbourne on speed dial!

Auto locksmiths save you time

Time is of the essence especially during car key, car lock, and ignition emergencies.

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes – you wouldn’t want to be left waiting around, would you?

Thankfully, your auto locksmith in Melbourne is mobile. Instead of operating
out of a fixed shop, we roam Melbourne in our vans (mobile workshops, really).

When you call your auto locksmith to help with a client’s car, we’ll make it our mission to get to your dealership or workshop ASAP. Our vehicles are
fully-equipped, meaning we won’t have to detour to a warehouse.

Our skills, training and years of experience mean we’re capable of working quickly and efficiently. This guarantees that your customers won’t be left waiting
for long!

A partnership with an auto locksmith saves you money

An in-house auto locksmith costs money. That means paying an additional salary as well as all the other “stuff” that comes with employing an extra staff

All of this for a type of job that really doesn’t pop up too often.

Instead of hiring or training staff to do the work of an auto locksmith, you save money by building a relationship with a local auto locksmith.

With an auto locksmith, you’ll only pay when you need us, helping you reduce overheads.

Maintain your great reputation with the rapid response of an auto locksmith

A dedicated auto locksmith has trained specifically in the art of fixing issues with car keys, locks and ignition systems.

Moreover, we deal with these types of problems every day, meaning we have plenty of lived experience.

All of this means we’re able to help you maintain your reputation for quality service.

By contrast, say you try training one of your staff in the science of locksmithing. You’ll have to pay out-of-pocket – not to mention, how often will said
staff members have to hone their skills in a real-world scenario?

We’re not trying to say that your staff member isn’t up to the task – however, in most cases it’s simply safer for your reputation to skip the learning
phase and call a professional right off the bat!

melbourne auto locksmith

Our car locksmith helps you focus on your core business

Fixing cars is what you’re best at. You specialise in engines, hydraulics and other systems. This specialisation is what allows you to provide such great

Anything else is a distraction from that, and as such, should be handed off to somebody else who specialises in another specific area.

So instead of getting side-tracked and distracted from the things that you’re best at, let a professional like Galmier Locksmiths manage your car lock,
keys, and ignition issues for you.

This gives you more time while you focus on your core business.

Are you looking for commercial auto locksmith services in Melbourne?

Galmier Locksmiths can help!

Whether you are a car dealer or an auto mechanic, if your goal is to provide the best service to all your clients, you need Galmier Locksmiths on speed-dial.

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne work hard to keep customers happy. We provide high-quality work in all types of auto locksmithing services, including:

  • Lockouts
  • Broken or bent keys
  • Jammed ignition chambers
  • Worn-out locks
  • Rekeying
  • New lock installation

We don’t just help stranded motorists either – our service also covers mechanics, auto shops and car dealers all over Melbourne’s Bayside region ( and beyond).

So what are you waiting for?

Save our number 0407 022 234 or fill in the contact form to work out an arrangement with our experienced team.