broken car lock

While annoying, problems such as a broken or missing car key aren’t that difficult to fix in the grand scheme of things.

A broken lock or ignition on the other hand? Now that’s a different story!

Unlike key problems, lock and ignition problems are much more intensive – in many cases, fixing problems here might require completely dismantling your
ignition or lock chamber (which incidentally is why you should only trust a car locksmith to do it!)

Today, we’ll be running through the usual suspects behind a busted lock or ignition, and explain what your local auto locksmith can do for you.


Worn-down lock pins and tumblers

Inside each car lock and ignition is a series of pins and tumblers. These are precisely cut to line up perfectly with the cuts in your car keys – if they
don’t align, you won’t be able to get in or start your car.

Naturally, issues with these vital pins and tumblers are a common source of lock and ignition problems.

Over time, these pins and tumblers can become worn-out. In some rare circumstances, they can even be knocked out of alignment.

These problems are especially problematic if you’re the type of person who jams their car keys right into the ignition or lock!


How a car locksmith helps

When worn pins and tumblers cause your locks and ignition to stop working, a car locksmith can help.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Start by disassembling your lock or ignition chamber
  2. Determine what your pins and tumblers should look like
  3. Replace with new pins and tumblers to match
  4. Install them in your lock or ignition chamber

By replacing each of your old pins and tumblers, you’ll find that all of a sudden, your keys fit again – you’ll once again be able to lock, unlock, and
start your car without trouble.

That’s our work done. Now for your part: try to go easier on your lock in the future to avoid this happening again!

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Replacing old locks and ignition chambers

Alright, so this mightn’t be a case of a “broken” lock or ignition per se – that said, it’s still something you may want to consider!

While most lock and ignition callouts we receive are to fix old ones, other security-minded motorists might be looking at ways to keep their car safe.

One of which is replacing an older car lock or ignition.

There are many reasons why:

  • New locks are more resistant to picking
  • Old keys are more likely to have duplicates
  • Technology like transponders makes them more secure

While the reason might vary, one thing that doesn’t change is the person performing it – we strongly recommend getting in touch with a car locksmith!

For a more comprehensive breakdown of what makes newer locks safer than old ones, click here.


Help, my locks and ignition are jammed!

Sometimes, it’s not a problem with your pins and tumblers – it might just be that there’s something stuck in your lock or ignition that’s stopping you
from getting in.

When this happens, we strongly advise against breaking out a screwdriver and trying your hand at DIY (and not just in this case either – we don’t recommend DIY lockpicking in general!)

That’s because:

  • Certain jams and clogs can’t be jimmied out by hand
  • You may damage your lock or ignition in the process
  • Certain oils and lubricants congeal, making the problem even worse


“If I can’t do it, how can my auto locksmith?”

Unlike most motorists, an auto locksmith drives around with a van full of specialised locksmithing tools.

And that includes the tools needed to successfully clear a jammed lock or ignition chamber.

Using special lubricants and precise hand tools, your auto locksmith is able to remove foreign objects such as dirt and debris without damaging the delicate

And in cases where traditional methods won’t do the trick, they can effortlessly disassemble your lock or ignition chamber, removing jams that way. We’ll
also clean your lock internals, protecting you from facing this problem in the future.

Call a car locksmith for your lock and ignition problems

There are some instances where it’s a better idea to call upon your dealership (for example, in cases where a fault with your car’s electrical systems
is stopping your ignition from responding).

However, nine times out of ten, an auto locksmith should be your first port of call.

Why’s that?

  • We’re mobile: we’ll come to you, minimising waiting time
  • On-the-spot fixes: you won’t be stranded for long
  • We’re well-equipped: this allows to solve
    almost any problem

Galmier’s car locksmiths work hard to get you back on the road sooner.

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