Who here’s ever suffered from an embarrassing self-lockout?

It’s happened to all of us at some stage. Maybe we skipped the morning mug of coffee, are distracted by our phones, or simply have one of those “brain
fail” moments.

Whatever the cause, the outcome is the same – your keys are inside, and you are not.

It’s not as big a deal when this happens at home – at least you’re not stranded! You might even keep a spare key tucked away somewhere (we don’t recommend
this, but that’s an entirely different story).

In the best-case scenario, someone else is home. No problem here!

But when it happens on the road, we have a problem.

Fortunately, Galmier’s auto locksmith in South Yarra can
get you back into your car promptly!

Auto locksmith South Yarra

Not all keys are made equal: how locks differ between cars

Here’s something you might not have known: not all car locks function identically.

Different cars often use completely different locking systems, requiring unique skills to get you back in.

Even cars from the same manufacturer might have completely different locks depending on the age, price range and extras of a particular car.

Let’s start basic: wafer locks

For instance, most car manufacturers choose wafer-style locks for their
doors. These locks have been THE standard for the last couple of decades in most vehicles.

How it works is simple: like a pin tumbler lock, a wafer lock contains a series of unique pins which fit a specific key. However, these locks use one-piece
wafers instead of two-piece pins found in pin tumblers.

The up-and-comers: slider locks

Unlike your run-of-the-mill car keys, slider locks often don’t use cuts in the key blade, moving sliders inside the key chamber using a snake-like path
cut in the blade itself.

Combining keyless fob and a cool Wolverine-style retracting key, slider keys are popping up more and more frequently with the advent of cars that combine
keyless entry and a traditional lock cylinder.

While currently seen in high-end models, with the increasing adoption of keyless entry, don’t be surprised to see this one become more common in the coming years!

Even transponders aren’t immune!

While the fundamentals of car keys are fairly consistent across car manufacturers, each make has their own “unique” traits.

Even ubiquitous technologies like transponder keys are implemented differently between brands. Some brands might use a PIN system, while others assign a unique code to each individual car. In a handful
of cases, codes might even be shared between vehicles!

The key takeaway? You’re best off calling an experienced auto locksmith – there’s no guarantee that just any old locksmith will be able to get you back
into your car.

Before calling an auto locksmith in South Yarra, you’ll want to make sure that they know how to work with your car first!


What vehicles cars can a South Yarra car locksmith open for you?

You won’t find very much about how car keys differ between brands on Google. In most cases, the only way to learn these differences and build an understanding
of each brand’s unique quirks is through hands-on experience.

Operating since 2005, Galmier Locksmiths has worked with models ranging from entry-level
budget cars all the way up to luxury brands. We’re extremely familiar with all the little quirks that each manufacturer puts in their locks!

We can open common brands such as:


As well as upmarket models from:

  • Porsche
  • BMW
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes
  • Volkswagen

And many more! You can trust Galmier’s auto locksmiths to get you back on the road sooner.

Car locksmith south yarra

We do more than just unlocking cars!

Not every car key disaster is as easy-to-solve as a lockout. Fortunately, your car locksmith in South Yarra is more than qualified to deal with those emergencies
as well!


Whatever the problem is, your local car locksmith is fully-equipped to resolve any and all car key problems on-the-spot.

And best of all, we come to you. A dedicated auto locksmith offers mobile locksmith services – it’s difficult for you to come to your auto locksmith without your keys after all!


Do you need an auto locksmith in South Yarra or surrounds?

At Galmier Locksmiths, we’re really proud of our ability and skill to get customers back into their cars… without damage!

Servicing the entirety of Melbourne’s Bayside area, you can trust Alex and the team to get you back on the road pronto.

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