While preparing for the workday, we like to flip through
the headlines and see what’s going on in the world.

As we were scrolling, one particular story caught our eye.

Thanks to a fallen umbrella falling into a sliding door, the staff at WeWork in New York City were locked out of their office for a full 2 days.

And since their office didn’t have any other entrances (a major fire hazard, but that’s a separate topic altogether), they had to resort to desperate measures
to get back in.

Specifically, they had to drill a hole in the ceiling and use a long wire to wriggle the umbrella free!

That got us thinking about all the different car lockouts that we
get called out to help with on a daily basis.

Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. While your lockout might not make headlines like this case did, that doesn’t make dealing with locking yourself
out of your car any less stressful.

Unlike these poor office workers however, you won’t need to resort to desperate measures to get back on the road!

What should you do when this happens? Today, our auto locksmith in Melbourne explains!

locked out auto locksmith

Locked out? Don’t…

Use DIY solutions

The movies make it look so easy. Just jam a hairpin in the lock chamber and fiddle around with it, et voila, you’re back in!

Of course, reality isn’t that simple anymore, as car manufacturers have been getting wise to some of the traditional techniques favoured by lockpickers.
For example, the old coat hanger trick no longer works in most new-build

Not to mention, you may accidentally damage your lock chamber if you apply too much force, or use something that’s inappropriate for the job.

This can lead to even more costs. On top of calling an auto locksmith in Melbourne once you decide to admit defeat, you’ll also need to book a car repair
if your attempt at DIY doesn’t go according to plan.

And whatever you do, don’t break your car window, either!

Take it from us: this is the very last thing you should be doing when you lock yourself out!

Car windows are tough – it’ll take a lot of force to break the window in your car.

And even if you do succeed, you’ll be left with glass everywhere – talk about an uncomfortable ride home.

Finally, what if a passerby mistakes you for a crook and calls 000 on you? Not only will you be locked out – there’s a good chance you’ll be locked up


Call a car dealer

So you’ve locked yourself out. When this happens, your local auto locksmith should be your first port of call.

For many however, it isn’t. Instead, they default to the car dealer.

While there are certain tasks that only a dealership can do for you, for something simple as a lockout, you’d be better served going with a dedicated auto
locksmith in Melbourne.

While car dealers can unlock your car for you, this takes time. For starters, they’ll have to send out a tow. Furthermore, not all dealerships have an
in-house locksmith, so you may have to wait even longer.

And finally, most dealerships are only open during business hours – if you lock yourself out after work or when picking the kids up from an after-school
activity, you’re out of luck!

If you ask us, you would be much better served by cutting out the middleman and calling an auto locksmith directly.

Click here to learn the advantages of calling a Melbourne car locksmith over the dealership.


Call for a tow truck

While some tow companies offer lockout services, we don’t generally recommend it.

That’s because not all tow companies offer this service. In our experience, tows can be a bit hit-and-miss.

And even if they do offer lockout service, there’s no guarantee that they can unlock your car.

Many cars use additional security measures and more sophisticated locking mechanisms. A tow truck driver may not be experienced with these, or have the
equipment on-hand to do the job.

And finally, tow trucks are big vehicles. In many cases (such as shopping centre car parks), they’ll have difficulty getting in, and may not be able to
service you as a result.

Learn more about the benefits of calling an auto locksmith over a tow company.


An auto locksmith explains what you should do…

Bring a spare car key

One of the simplest ways to solve a car key and lock emergencies is to bring a spare car key wherever you are.

There are plenty of hidden places where you can safely carry a spare key:

  • In your bag
  • The underside your car (via magnet or duct tape)
  • In your wallet
  • Inside your phone case


We know, we know. It all sounds a little bit paranoid, doesn’t it?

Of course, should you lock yourself out, you’ll be thanking your past self for having the foresight to hide a spare key somewhere!

But what if you don’t have a spare key on you? Luckily, there’s one more option…


Call an auto locksmith in Melbourne

If you ask us, everybody should have an auto locksmith saved to their phone – you never know when you might need them!

Calling an auto locksmith is the best way to respond to a lockout. Our mobile locksmiths are always on the road, ready to respond to emergency calls. Once
we receive a call, we’ll turn up and get you back into the vehicle right there and then.

Unlocking car doors is one of the very first things that gets covered in locksmith training.
Not to mention, it’s also one of the most common jobs we get called to.

As a result, we can unlock just about any car from any brand!

car key repolacement

Locked your keys inside the car? Call an emergency auto locksmith today!

We here at Galmier Locksmiths understand that lockouts don’t always occur during business hours. In fact, there’s a very good chance that when you run
into trouble, it’ll be after-hours when you’re:

  • Picking the kids up from an after-school activity
  • Making the commute home
  • Doing groceries
  • Running weekend errands


As such, it’s crucial that your auto locksmith is able to come to you outside or traditional 9-5 hours.

Luckily, that’s exactly what Galmier Locksmiths offers!

In addition to offering mobile service (which allows us to come to you, wherever you are in Melbourne’s south-east), we also offer out-of-hours emergency auto locksmith service.

Call us anytime between 9am and 10:30pm and we’ll be right there. This extends to weekends and public holidays as well!

Locked out? Contact Galmier locksmiths today on 0407 022 234 for immediate assistance getting back on the road.