You can never look after your car 24/7. No matter how much you would like to be on the lookout all the time, it just isn’t possible – you need to eat,
sleep and work, after all!

That said, there are ways you can minimise your risk. For example, if you follow these simple car security tips, you can help ensure your car’s safety, wherever you are.

And of course, there’s always your car locks.

Our locks serve as the first line of defense against ne’er-do-wells who might target your car.

What you might not have known is that the lock on your car door isn’t the only lock in your vehicle!

Today, our auto locksmiths in Melbourne will explain some of the other varieties
of lock you might find…

But first: who do you call when you run into issues with your locks?

Locks don’t work without something to unlock them. Unfortunately, in many cases, they can run into problems, either with the locks themselves or the keys
used to unlock them.

In particular, you might encounter one of these dilemmas:

  • Old and worn out car locks
  • Broken and bent car keys
  • Lost car keys
  • Lockouts

The only person who can help in these circumstances? A Melbourne auto locksmith!

Avoid drama – save the number of a Melbourne auto locksmith, just in case! Galmier Locksmiths can be reached on 0407 022 234,
or by filling in the form at this link.

We’ll make sure that you can get into your car and that your locks and keys are working as they should be!

Different kinds of locks for different types of cars

Locking your car is easy – so simple in fact, that it’s easy to mess up!

This is especially true if you are preoccupied with something, operating on autopilot or simply rushing your way out of your car.

As a result, it’s surprisingly easy to leave your car keys inside, or to accidentally wear out your car locks.

In particular, you may run into issues such as…

Standard car key entry

This staple has been with us for almost as long as cars have (alright, so that’s a slight exaggeration!)

While the technology may not be as flashy, the bog-standard car key entry is simple, easy and affordable. Little wonder that it continues to remain a staple
of our vehicles even after all this time.

And thanks to developments in the design of keys and locks, they’re now harder to pick than ever. Laser cut keys are extremely difficult to duplicate with
hand tools, and the locks they’re paired with are also considerably more complex.

All of this renders traditional lockpicking methods like the good old-fashioned hairpin trick less useful – nowadays, special jiggers are needed.

Finally, the addition of transponders add an additional layer of security, making today’s car locks the most secure in history!

Child safety locks

When you have your kids seated in their car seats at the back of the car, chances are you might also think of their safety once you are driving.

In addition to your main lock, most modern cars also come with child safety locks built-in.

Essentially, these are deadlocks built into the rear passenger doors, designed to keep a child from opening the door. It overwrites the inside car door
lock, meaning kids can’t get out even if they fiddle with the knob.

In essence, the rear passenger doors cannot be opened from the inside, preventing kids’ wandering hands from accidentally opening the door (and we all
know how much small children like to fiddle with things!)

Electronic locks

While not that common on Australian roads, electronic locks are another option that can be found on high-end vehicles.

These types of locks use a combination lock to open the car door, with a small keypad located near the door handle.

Once the correct PIN code is entered, the locking mechanism in the door is disengaged, granting you and your passengers entry.

This is way more secure than a standard car door locks, as each PIN is coded to your car. In many cases, you’ll also need to insert a physical key as well,
doubling the amount of security offered by this type of lock.

Keyless entry

It doesn’t take much time to unlock your car doors – over the years however, it adds up.

Keyless entry offers an alternative. Using a fob that’s synced with your car, you can lock and unlock your car without having to do a thing.

Using wireless technology, the fob communicates with your lock once it’s within range. Once the fob is detected, your car lock automatically disengages,
allowing you to get in without having to break your stride.

In many cases, this fob also communicates with the immobiliser in your engine – once it’s in range, the immobiliser will disengage, allowing you to also
start your engine with nothing more than the push of a button.

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Trouble with your locks? A Melbourne auto locksmith can help

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We can get you back into your car, thanks to our range of automotive locksmithing services that include:

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