We’ve all been there: those heart-stopping moments when we realise we’ve locked our keys in the car or snapped a key in the ignition. Even if it hasn’t happened to you (count yourself lucky!) we bet you’ve at least had that panic of thinking – even if it’s for a split second! – that you’ve locked your keys in the car.

It’s not a good feeling!

There are a number of things we do that makes our heart skip a beat (and not in a good way) when it comes to our keys and cars. This week, we’ve rounded up some of the most common auto locksmith emergencies we come across on a daily basis.

It’s an easy mistake to make which is what keeps us emergency locksmiths busy every day!

Stuck in the same rut as one of the below? Call us now: 0407 022 234 (or save our number in your phone).

broken car key

1. I’ve locked my keys in the car

Frustration takes over and you conclude that you’re the world’s biggest fool when you slam the car door shut and realise you’ve locked your keys in the car.

Stuck at the supermarket, at the school right before the end-of-day bell rings, or just gotten home?

No matter your location – relax. Take a deep breath and grab your smartphone (funny, that seems to be the one thing we never let go of!) and call an auto locksmith who can get to you quickly, and who will promptly rectify the situation – here’s the best part – without damage to your vehicle.


2. My key has broken in the ignition!

Common amongst older, worn keys, a broken key in the ignition is the signal we take to panic. How do you get it out? And even once you do get it out, how will you turn the car on?

Stop wiggling the key around, poking the ignition with the broken part, and inventing other ways to get the key out.

An auto locksmith has the tools and knowledge to safely remove a broken key from the ignition. Better yet, we’ll also cut you a replacement key so you’ll be on your way sooner.


3. My key won’t turn in the ignition – I think it’s stuck

Don’t force the key, otherwise you’ll likely end up in the above scenario, with a broken key (half in the ignition and half in your hand – not ideal!)

If you’ve tried reasonably to remove the key and it just won’t budge, have a friend or family member try the same. Also turn your steering wheel to make sure it hasn’t locked, but if all else fails, call an auto locksmith.


4. My car keys have been stolen

What do you do and where do you begin when your only set of car keys has been stolen?!

Not only is it a frightening situation to find yourself in, it’s completely inconvenient and frustrating. Galmier provides an auto locksmith service where we can come to you (at home, work, or anywhere else), and change the locks, reprogram the locks, and cut you a brand new set of car keys.

So even though your old keys may be gone, your car is still secure. Phew.


5. I’ve lost my car key! Car key replacement

Before you enter a panic, worrying where on earth you lost your car key, take a deep breath, step away from the scenario, and think: where was the last place you put down your handbag, groceries, or mail? Which rooms in the house have you just visited? In the past few minutes, did something distract you, disrupting your focus?

If you can, retrace your steps – it might lead you back to your keys!

If all hope is lost, call an auto emergency locksmith who can replace and cut new car keys. Read more about car key cut and replacement in this blog post.

emergency Car Key

Avoid towing costs when you call an emergency locksmith in Melbourne

Many people, especially in these sorts of panicked situations, instantly think of their dealer as the go-to person. That makes sense, of course, but when you call a dealer, you’ll likely have to organise towing (not to mention those hefty towing costs!) and you might be without your car for hours – or even days!

Did you know that an automotive locksmith will come to you and can replace your car keys within minutes, rather than hours? So you’ll be on your way sooner, with more money left in your pocket.

Save time and money – plus the hassle of organising a lift to and from the dealer – by choosing an auto locksmith.

You never know when you’ll be stuck with a broken car key (or no keys at all), so why not save Galmier’s number in your phone?

As an emergency locksmith working throughout Melbourne’s Bayside suburbs (including St Kilda, Brighton, and Cheltenham), we’re just a phone call away: 0407 022 234.

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