“Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics.”

While there’s a lot of discussion surrounding who first uttered those words, one thing that’s not in dispute is its validity: logistics determine your
business’ ability to deliver its services and products – we’re talking supplies, deliveries and transport.

None of those would be possible without your trusty commercial fleet!

Commercial auto locksmith

Ensuring your vehicles are in tip-top condition can be crucial to your business.

As a mobile locksmith, we understand how important your fleet
of vehicles are to your business – any issues or problems concerning your vehicles could potentially ground your entire business!

Keeping your fleet in good condition is about more than getting them serviced regularly. We’re talking about planning around everything that could
put the brakes on your business.

And one of those things is having a plan for auto emergencies involving locks and keys.

If you’re operating a commercial fleet in Melbourne, there’s one auto locksmith service that you can rely on in times of trouble: Galmier Locksmiths.


Business as usual: choose fast, reliable service

When your business relies so heavily on its fleet for so many essential functions, a problem in just one of your vehicles can force operations to grind
to a halt.

Should you lose a key or break your ignition,
you’ll want help ASAP to get your business back on the road. You’ll want someone who can get to your stranded car or van and provide a fix, fast!

That’s where Galmier Locksmiths comes in. Our team of locksmiths provide fast, reliable and professional auto locksmith service whenever and wherever you

Whether your drivers are in Melbourne or anywhere else in the Bayside and South East suburbs, we come to you.

Not all businesses operate during business hours – if your business runs at odd hours, you’ll want an automotive locksmith who can do the same. In addition
to our regular services, Galmier Locksmiths also provides after-hours emergency services.

If you lose the keys to one of your cars, trucks or vans at an odd hour, all you need to do is call our team on 0407 022 234!


Professional and experienced locksmiths

While there may several locksmith service providers in Melbourne, the truth of the matter is, not all commercial locksmiths are made equal. Many mightn’t
have the experience when it comes to dealing with large fleets.

Your vehicles are in good hands with Galmier Locksmiths. With decades of experience, you can trust Alex and the team to handle any auto locksmith concerns
that you may have for your fleet.


What type of auto locksmith services might my business need?

Commercial locksmithing is about more than helping staff who might’ve locked themselves out of their vehicles. Your commercial auto locksmith can help
you by designing systems that keep your business running.

As a professional auto locksmith, we can provide a whole host of services to your vehicles, including:

  • Making or duplicating keys
  • Removing broken keys from locks
  • Replacing broken locks
  • Cutting and programming transponder keys when all are lost

Need an auto locksmith for your commercial fleet?

There’s only one service you can rely on to look after your business’ fleet of vehicles.

Whether you’re a transport company, a tradie, or have a travelling sales team, Galmier Locksmiths provides locksmithing services for commercial vehicles
all over Melbourne’s Bayside area.

In times of trouble, call Alex and the team on 0407 022 234 and our mobile locksmiths will address your lock and key needs!