Do you ever get those days when everything just goes wrong?

One moment, you’re rushing to your car to make your next appointment, and the next, you’ve come to a dead stop – no matter how hard you try, your car ignition
just isn’t responding.

You check your ignition and that’s when you notice…

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Sign #1: Your car doesn’t start

Without a doubt, this is the most obvious, hardest-to-miss sign of ignition problems.

Whether it takes multiple tries, your key won’t turn, or you’re struggling to get it to fit, it’s hard to ignore a car that doesn’t start.

The reasons behind this can include:

  • Damaged wafers in your ignition chamber
  • A worn-out, damaged or bent car key
  • An Electrical fault in your ignition switch

Click here to learn more about the possible causes of
a broken ignition.


Sign #2: Sudden, unexplainable stalls

When your car stalls, chances are your mind heads straight to your engine.

However, that’s not always the case. In some instances, the problem may lie with your ignition.

Yes, you heard that right!

Car engines aren’t designed to run without a key in the ignition. Your ignition chamber is just one part of the ignition relay, arguably the most important
electronic relay in your car.

The right key sends an electrical signal to your ignition coil and fuel pumps – remove your car and this circuit is interrupted, causing your car to stop.

Damaged ignition chambers can dislodge your car key. Even a temporary dislodging can cause your car to momentarily stop – needless to say, this is
the last thing you want to happen during your daily commute.

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Sign #3: Inserting and removing keys doesn’t feel smooth

We’ve all been there. You insert your car keys into the ignition and twist.

Only this time, the motion feels off. It’s sluggish and choppy, not smooth like it’s supposed to be.

This is a common sign of a jammed or worn out ignition cylinder. Dirt and debris may have made their way into the mechanism, jamming it.

The result is an ignition chamber that’s rough and not at all smooth.

While not a major problem, it has the potential to cause problems bigger than how smoothly you can insert or remove your car keys. Left unfixed, your ignition
can jam completely or even break.


Sign #4: The key doesn’t go all the way in

Has your ignition chamber always given you trouble? Do you have to jostle a little bit before it registers?

Sounds like you have a bad case of blocked ignition!

In many cars, the ignition slot is open. That means anything small enough can work its way in: dust, dirt, debris… all of this can build up at the
bottom or sides of your ignition chamber.

And that can cause ignition problems.

We don’t recommend trying to jimmy the clog free on your own, lest you end up with problem #1. Instead, call an auto locksmith.


How an emergency auto locksmith gets you back on the road

You’ve tried all the seemingly possible ways to get the car keys working.

But no matter what you do, you’re not having any luck whatsoever. You’re stranded.

When situations like this happen, who do you call for help?

An emergency auto locksmith, that’s who!

The car ignition is the centre control system of your car. It activates the motor and the electrical system – without it, you’re not going anywhere.

Your auto locksmith does much more than unlock doors. Their van is essentially a mobile workshop, equipped with all the tools needed to:

  • Cut replacement keys
  • Program new transponders
  • Unjam ignition chambers

And when you see and feel the following signs happening, you might be encountering a broken or damaged car key ignition that needs an expert auto locksmiths


Automotive locksmith in Armadale and surrounds

If you’ve been trying to remove your car keys but it seems like nothing is working, you’re might be encountering a broken or damaged car key ignition.

Or even if your car key got stuck in the ignition or you just want to get back in your car quick, safe and without damage, then you need an emergency locksmith
like Galmier to come to your aid.

Galmier provides you with the latest technology in various auto locksmith services that will help you:

  • Replace a damaged key
  • Get your car keys out of the locked vehicle
  • Fix a key that is stuck in the ignition
  • Duplicate keys for your car
  • Reprogramming of a transponder key

Galmier is your emergency locksmith servicing Melbourne’s southeast, including Armadale, St Kilda, Brighton, and Keysborough.

We ease your car lock and car key problems by providing prompt and reliable auto locksmith services.

Contact Galmier today on 0407 022 234. Better yet, save our number in your phone – you never know when you’ll need it!

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