So your car key fob has stopped working. Now, instead of being able to lock and unlock, open the boot or even start the engine (on newer models, at least), you’ll have to – gasp – use the physical key (the horror!)

Okay, so we might be overblowing just how serious the problem is. But while it won’t leave you stranded like losing your keys altogether would, it will certainly make things less convenient.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to put up with it forever!

Problems with your key fob can be fixed by our auto locksmiths in Melbourne.

In particular, we can fix all sorts of common key fob issues…

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What sorts of key fob issues can we fix for you?

Are your car key fobs not working as they should? There could be a whole host of reasons for this – odds are however that it’s one of these problems… problems that our auto locksmith in Melbourne can fix for you!

Give us a call on 0407 022 234 for fixes to problems such as…

Dead batteries

As with many devices, car key fobs are powered by batteries. When these batteries die out, you’re left without the convenience that car key fobs offer.

If your car key fobs aren’t working, then it might be that your batteries are dead and in need of a replacement.

While the shelf life of these batteries can last for a long time, over time it will drain. When this happens, you should immediately get them replaced if you want to continue using your car key fob.

In addition to key blanks, our car locksmiths in Melbourne also stock the coin lithium batteries that power these fobs.

That way, we can replace dead batteries on-the-spot and help you continue to use your car key fob!

No signal from your key fob

Car key fobs rely on instant communication between the fob and the car. This is facilitated through the use of an in-built transmitter that sends a unique signal to your vehicle that tells it to unlock, open or start.

If your car key fob transmitter is damaged, it may not be able to send a clear signal to your vehicle.

Likewise, if the receiver of the car is also not working properly, then it cannot successfully receive signals from the transmitter in your key fob.

And in some cases, it could be issues with both!

Our auto locksmiths in Melbourne can help you determine which one’s causing you grief, and can attempt a repair for you.

Old and worn out key fob

Sometimes, the wear-and-tear goes beyond a degraded transmitter – in some cases, the wiring and soldering inside are so worn down, that the fob needs to be replaced altogether.

As car key fobs are prone to wear and tear, and depending on how long you have had it for, will eventually wear out. Sometimes, they wear out to the point where they need complete replacement.

In other cases, the fob may be defective. This is especially problematic if it’s a third-party fob sourced from a kiosk in the local shopping centre – many of these fobs are low-quality.

That’s where our auto locksmiths in Melbourne come in.

Our team can supply a replacement fob, programmed to match your car. If you’ve called us out for an unrelated issue and noticed that your key fob has stopped working, ask us about it and we’ll program a replacement on-the-spot.

What to do if your key fob won’t unlock your car?

If you’re stuck out of nowhere, and your car key fob isn’t working the way it was supposed to be, you’ll want to diagnose the problem.

To do that, we suggest running through this checklist…

1) Look for a spare key fob

Got a spare key fob at hand? One that, ideally, isn’t being used?

If so, the solution is simple: switch to that one!

If you’re the only one that drives your car, this might be all you need to do. If not however, we suggest going down through the rest of the list…

2) Check on the battery

If you have a spare lithium coin battery on-hand, we recommend starting by replacing the old one.

To do this, you’ll need to open up the fob and locate the current battery.

While replacing the battery is usually pretty straightforward, sourcing the right battery is a bit more challenging. These coin batteries can be hard to track down – if you’re struggling, you’ll want to get in touch with an auto locksmith instead!

3) Check for any broken pieces in your key fob

If you have a knack for electronics, you can certainly give this a try!

Start by opening the casing on your fob and looking for broken pieces and defects in the buttons, transmitters, and internal mechanisms. In particular, look out for worn connections on the circuit board, or soldering that has detached.

This can help you diagnose the issue. However, unless you have a small workshop in your garage, we still recommend calling a professional for a fix!

galmier auto locksmith melbourne

4) Contact a local car locksmith in Melbourne

Can’t figure out what the issue is? Don’t have the tools or know-how to perform a fix yourself?

In times like these, your local auto locksmith in Melbourne should be your first port of call.

Unlike the kiosk at the shopping centre, we specialise in all things car-related.

And unlike the keycutter’s kiosk, we’re mobile. That allows us to help you out in the event that you run into an issue that’s worse than a fault fob – for example, if you’ve lost your keys altogether!

In these cases, you can’t go to your kiosk – you need someone who comes to you, like our auto locksmiths in Melbourne.

On top of replacing lost keys, we can also program replacement fobs for you!

Solve your car key fob problems with the help of Galmier’s auto locksmiths in Melbourne

While it may not leave you stranded like a busted alternator might, a dysfunctional car key fob is no fun to deal with regardless.

Luckily, it’s an issue that our car locksmiths can fix for you.

Galmier Locksmiths provides a wide range of auto locksmith services. In addition to cutting car keys and unlocking doors, we can also program replacement car key fobs for you on-the-spot.

Our friendly team works all over Melbourne, with a focus on the south-east suburbs including Bayside, Kingston and Glen Eira. comes to you wherever you are and helps you get back in your car immediately.

Contact Galmier today on 0407 222 234 or save our number – you never know when you might need it!