It’s a bright and sunny summer morning in Melbourne. And somewhere in Bayside, there’s a gentleman getting ready to start his day!

And that gentleman waiting to start another unpredictable day is me – Alex Hoskin, proud owner and operator of Galmier Locksmiths. For almost two decades,
I have been extending my mobile locksmith service to Melbourne’s
Bayside area.

Today, I invite you to follow me around as I tackle another unpredictable day in the life of a locksmith!

Mobile auto locksmith Melbourne

The start to my day is often unpredictable, especially when it comes to emergency locksmith scenarios!

8:30am: emergency locksmith required!

When you’re a locksmith, the start of the day can happen anytime of the morning. At half past eight, I receive an emergency call from a man living in one
of the apartment complexes nearby.

The emergency? It seems like the dad’s two-year-old son managed to get hold of his car keys and now they are nowhere to be found, and he doesn’t have a
spare set.

The family has tried searching for the key but to no avail. To rectify this emergency, they called me early in the morning to see if I could cut them a
replacement car key for their Toyota.

I attend the job, and the man is on his way to work within the hour!

9:30am: residential locksmith appointment

With the first unexpected job done for the day, it’s time to head to the first scheduled job.

A house on this customer’s street was recently burglarised, raising some concerns throughout her Cheltenham neighbourhood.

To make sure her home and property are protected, she called Galmier Locksmiths last week to book an appointment to change all door locks. To double the safety measures, she asked for locks to be installed on all of her windows, too.

Domestic locksmith Melbourne

12:30pm: time for a quick break

Having completed the large job at our Cheltenham client’s house, it’s time for a quick break before sitting down for an hour to work on some pending admin

1:30pm: commercial locksmith required in Carnegie

With the admin tasks now sorted, I head to my next booked appointment: a new store is set to open along the Koornang Road shopping strip in Carnegie, and
the owner needs a variety of locks fitted and keys cut for himself and his staff.

4pm: another emergency locksmith call!

Soon after completing the job in Carnegie, I receive a frantic phone call from a 20-year-old uni student who is stuck in the Monash Caulfield car park.
She’s locked her keys in her car!

As fate would have it, I’m located just 15 minutes from Monash, having just completed the job in Koornang Road. I respond swiftly to her, extinguishing
her panic. I cut and program a new key on the spot for her Holden,
and she is now safe back in her car!

Car locksmith Melbourne

5pm: time to head home

5pm rolls around, and I start to head home. But the day is not over quite yet! My emergency after-hours service can help you out if you’re in a sticky
situation from 5pm-10pm on weekdays.


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