Where would you be without your car keys? Stranded, for one!

While keyless ignition may be starting to take off, for the foreseeable, the vast majority of Melbourne’s motorists are going to be relying primarily on
the good old-fashioned car key to start their vehicles.

Another thing that most Melbourne drivers share? They probably haven’t put much thought into what happens when these all-important keys fail.

You probably think that your car keys will never fail until one day, you put it in the ignition and as hard as you try, your engine refuses to start as
it should.

Car key emergencies like this can pop up at any time, which is why it’s so important that you know what to do if your car keys stop working.

And that starts by understanding what can stop your car keys from working properly – so sit down and get comfortable as our mobile locksmith in Melbourne explains what you might be up against.

car key stuck

Why isn’t my key turning in the ignition?

Can’t turn the key in your car? Here are some of the
most common reasons why…

1) Damaged lock

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your keys at all – it could be a problem with your lock instead.

Broken, worn out and faulty door locks can stop car keys from fitting properly, leaving you stuck. Luckily, our car locksmiths don’t just work with keys
– if need be, we can disassemble and repair your ignition chamber as well.

2) Blockages

Damage isn’t the only thing that can stop locks from working – sometimes, blockages can stop your keys from fitting.

Just as with before, our auto locksmiths in Melbourne can dismantle your lock to clear dirt and debris – whatever you do, don’t whip out the WD40 or start
poking around with a wire, as these can actually make the blockage worse!

3) Worn-out and damaged keys

One of the most common reasons why your car key is not working is because the grooves in car keys are worn out to the point where they don’t fit your ignition

With the years of using the same car key, each of the teeth can wear out. Alternatively, maybe you’ve just been too rough with your keys, and accidentally
bent or broken them.

For your keys to work, they need to fit perfectly with the pins and tumblers in your ignition – unfortunately, most car keys aren’t made that tough!

Luckily, an auto locksmith can cut a replacement car key that perfectly fits your ignition.

4) Faulty ignition cylinder

Your ignition system is much more than just your ignition chamber – it also includes a host of other systems like switches, batteries, circuits and more,
all of which kick into gear when you turn your key.

A faulty ignition lock cylinder can lead to:

  • Car not starting
  • Power issues
  • Stuck car keys

Unfortunately, these issues can often require a trip to the mechanic to fix!

5) Dodgy aftermarket keys

So you’ve just gotten your keys replaced – and gotten a great deal on it!

As they say however, you get what you pay for.

Cheap aftermarket keys might not be to the same level of quality – some might not even fit your car’s ignition chamber at all (a problem that’s especially
pronounced for so-called “universal” key blanks).

6) Transponder issues

Almost all of today’s car keys come with transponders – these are tiny little radio fobs that carry a unique code that they transmit to your vehicle. If
the code’s wrong, your car won’t start.

If the key itself might be fine – but if this transponder isn’t working, your car won’t!

Luckily, this is something our auto locksmiths have heaps of experience working with. Click here to learn how we can help you with transponder problems.

7) Why won’t my car unlock with a remote key?

Remote keys and keyless entry fobs are starting to trickle down into new cars sold in Australia.

It’s a fantastic new technology that makes things so much easier and more convenient – however, it’s also prone to issues.

Is your fob not working? There are a number of reasons why that might be:

  • Dead batteries
  • Broken sensors
  • Improper code

car ignition not working

What do you do when your car keys don’t work?

Simple: call your auto locksmith!

Our locksmiths are experts at car key replacement in Melbourne – motorists from the south-east to the CBD and beyond have been relying on our services
for years and years, trusting us to replace their car keys.

And that includes situations where the keys simply aren’t working!.

How do I fix my car key remote? How to reset car keys

By calling a professional, that’s how.

While there are plenty of DIY tutorials out there teaching you how to reset your car keys, fobs and remotes, if you ask us, it’s best to leave this job
to a professional.

Simply put, there’s too much risk of you accidentally making the problem worse by programming in the wrong code or making a mistake during the process.
Don’t risk it – get it done right by a professional auto locksmith!

How much does it cost to reprogram a key fob?

It depends – most of the time however, it doesn’t cost that much more than calling an auto locksmith to cut a new key for you.

Our locksmiths work quickly, and strive to offer some of the best prices around. After all, you’re stressed enough as it is!

Do I need to reprogram a key fob after changing the battery?

Luckily for you, this is one particular DIY task that you can do on your own.

Alright, so that’s a bit of a misnomer – what we really mean to say is that you don’t even need to do it at all!

Changing a battery won’t change the code in a fob or remote – as long as you have the right battery, feel free to go right ahead and swap it out!

Unlocking your car with the keys inside

Do you know what the vast majority of callouts we get aren’t broken keys or locks at all? In fact, the lion’s share are the result of human error.

One of the more common ones? Accidentally locking yourself out of your car.

You’d be surprised just how often this seems to happen – everyone has their off days after all. Luckily, that’s what we’re here for.

We’re experts in unlocking cars and getting you back in. In fact, we’re so good at it that we have a guarantee: if we can’t unlock your vehicle and get
you in, we won’t charge you!

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Solving all of your car key problems on-the-spot

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